Retaining the services of an Atlanta DUI attorney isn’t just to help you understand the charges you are facing, but that you understand the potential consequences of the situation. While an DUI attorney definitely helps with both these things – that’s not the end of it.

DUI Lawyer in AtlantaWhen you contact our team at Schnipper Law, PC, our Atlanta-based DUI attorney will work to help reduce the penalties you face and use every option available to help have your case dismissed altogether. If you are still wondering if you really need help with your DUI charge, then you may also not understand what options are available to help and protect your rights in the court.

The Serious Penalties of Georgia DUI Charges

In the state of Georgia, DUI charges are taken extremely seriously. Between the court hearings that you have to attend for this criminal charge, along with the automatic license suspension hearings, if you are accused and charged with driving while under the influence or intoxicated are facing several, extremely serious penalties.

Not only will each of these penalties affect your current job, it can also impact the future opportunities you have access to. If you don’t have working knowledge of the law in the state of Georgia, along with how it relates to the circumstances of your particular case, then you may not have the ability to effectively defend your situation or yourself against these charges. We can help.

Potential Penalties of a DUI Conviction in Georgia

At Schnipper Law, PC, we fully understand the laws related to DUI charges in the state of Georgia. If you are facing this situation, and you are convicted of the DUI, you can face one or several of the penalties listed here:

  • Time behind parts in jail or prison
  • A probationary period instead of jail or in addition to jail
  • Significant fines and fees
  • Permanent mark on your criminal record
  • Ordered to do a certain amount of community service
  • The requirement to attend DUI school
  • The suspension of your driver’s license

Keep in mind, while the consequences that the court may hand down are severe and intimidating, most people don’t want to live with the fact they caused the death of someone else because they drank and then got behind the wheel. Unfortunately, in 2012 alone, 3,699 people were killed due to drunk drivers. Don’t let this happen to you.

We Know How the Prosecution Thinks

If you don’t hire a quality, professional and reliable criminal defense attorney for your case, you may not have a way to minimize the punishments of your DUI conviction. The fact is, our legal team has many years of experience working with the district attorney’s office. This means we have a full understand of the law from both sides, making our experience invaluable to your case.

If you want to work with a legal team who is dedicated to helping you reduce the penalties you face, or getting your case dismissed altogether, then now is the time to call. The initial meeting and consultation is free and we will work diligently to help you get the justice you deserve and to protect your rights. We are here to help and understand the difficult nature of your case. If you want a team you can trust, reach out to our legal staff today. We have years of experience working on DUI cases.
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