Personal Injury FAQs

Do I Have a Case Against the Car Manufacturer If the Air Bags In My Car Did Not Deploy?

“Yes, if you were injured from the airbag failing to deploy, or for example pieces of sharp shrapnel injured you, you could have a case not only against the car manufacturer but also the manufacturer of the airbag as well.”

What Should I Do if I Was the Victim of a Hit-and-Run in Georgia?

“If you were the victim of a hit and run in Georgia, immediately notify your local law enforcement agency. The hit and run accident could have been caught on video surveillance or a red light camera, or there even could be a witness to the hit and run. Then immediately notify your own insurance carrier to preserve your right to possibly recover for the hit and run or even a phantom driver’s negligence.”

If I Get Injured in a Georgia Auto Accident But Do Not Have Insurance, Can I Still Sue and Recover For My Injuries?

“Yes, you can if you’re not liable and you’re not the at fault driver, but again, under comparative negligence you have to be at least 49% or less at fault. Furthermore, if you don’t have a UM or UIM policy within your own policy and has uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage, you may not be able to recover if the opposing driver doesn’t have insurance or not enough insurance.”

What Constitutes Pain and Suffering in a Georgia Auto Accident Case?

“Pain and suffering in a Georgia auto accident case is also called noneconomic damages. They’re subjective damages that constitute, for example, the loss of enjoyment of life. It could be insomnia or even depression. It’s very important that you speak with a seasoned, experienced, and competent personal injury attorney to see if you qualify for pain and suffering noneconomic damages.”

Who Pays For My Injuries If I Am Injured in a Georgia Car Accident?

“If the opposing driver is the at-fault negligent party, then the opposing driver’s insurance carrier would be responsible for your medical bills and costs, any lost wages, any lost earnings, and even pain and suffering damages.”

My Physician Determined That My Injuries From My Georgia Car Accident Are Permanent How Can I Protect My Future?

“By seeing what all the future monetary damages are from your unfortunate accident, what we do is we acquire what’s called a narrative report from the treating physician that detail-y lays out exactly what your injuries are and what your future care entails and we forward that to the opposing insurance company.”

What Makes Working With You Different Than Other Lawyers?

“I can give you much more needed attention than the large firms where your case file with the large law firms will be with a paralegal or even administrative assistant. With me, it’ll be with me from beginning to end. You’ll get the direct attention that you need and you deserve. Also, I give my personal cellphone out to each one of my clients. You can give me a call at any time.” Call 404-480-8708 to reach a Personal Injury Attorney at our firm. Get a free evaluation of your case!