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Prostitution is the act of offering sexual conduct for payment, while solicitation is the act of seeking sexual services for hire. If you have been charged with prostitution or solicitation or a related crime, experienced Atlanta criminal defense attorney David Schnipper can help. Atlanta Prostitution  defense Attorney Schnipper is dedicated to defending your civil liberties and protecting your rights.

Georgia law severely punishes both the act and solicitation of prostitution. Any offer or acceptance of payment in exchange for sexual relations is prohibited. Payment may take the form of money, gifts, favors, and other compensation. The person offering payment may be charged with pandering, even if no sexual conduct occurred. Any participation in prostitution by procuring sexual services, operating a brothel, or facilitating financial gain is also illegal. The prohibition extends to prostitutes of any age or gender and to the clients who seek their services.


Modernizing the Oldest Profession

Prostitution is no longer relegated to dark streets and alleys. From regulated brothels in Nevada to virtual relationships online, prostitution has adapted to fit today’s needs. Sex hotlines, tourism, and blatant advertisements demonstrate that prostitution is everywhere. Today, payment may be exchanged in hotel rooms, massage parlors, nightclubs, and private homes. Different forms of prostitution are displayed print ads, online messages, and chat rooms. Regardless of the form, prostitution is still a criminal offense, and one the state of Georgia prosecutes aggressively.

Georgia Prostitution Laws

Georgia law defines prostitution as the performance, offer, or consent to perform an act of sexual intercourse for money. Related crimes include:

  • Pimping
  • Pandering
  • Solicitation
  • Masturbation for hire
  • Keeping a place of prostitution
  • Giving massages in place used for prostitution

Pimping includes any act of offering, procuring, or arranging prostitution. Pimps can derive money, proceeds, or profits from prostitution or aid others in committing the crime.

Pandering is the solicitation of a person to perform an act of prostitution or assembling people in a fixed place for the purpose of prostitution.

Solicitation describes the act of seeking sexual services for hire. Solicitation of a person under 17 to perform an act of prostitution or sodomy is a felony.

Masturbation for hire is the erotic stimulation of the genitals of another through bodily contact, instrumental manipulation, or means other than sexual intercourse, for money.

Keeping a place of prostitution requires the exercise of control or permission to use any place or conveyance that offers shelter or seclusion for prostitution.

Giving massages in a structure, building, or place used for lewd conduct, prostitution, or masturbation for hire is unlawful.

When these types of situations arise, contact an Atlanta Prostitution Defense lawyer at Schnipper Law, P.C. We will fight for your rights. Call us today 404-545-5845 for a FREE Consultation.

Georgia Prostitution Penalties

Penalties for felony or misdemeanor convictions of prostitution include:

  • Probation
  • Criminal fines
  • Jail or prison time
  • Community service
  • Registration as sex offender
  • Participation in a sex workshop

Probation prohibits further participation in the act or solicitation of prostitution. Fines for solicitation of underage sex or sodomy can range from $1,000 to $5,000 and a term of imprisonment. Aggravated misdemeanor and felony counts of prostitution or related crimes require at least one year in prison. On probation, defendants may be required to do community service and participate in designated sexual education classes. Conviction may result in losing the right to vote or own a firearm and require registration as a sexual offender.

Defend Your Liberty and Reputation

If you have been arrested for prostitution, contact Atlanta criminal defense lawyer David Schnipper today. Delay in seeking effective representation may result in the admission of incriminating evidence and the loss of your freedom. Ostracized sex offenders face endless obstacles to employment, choice of residence, and even rehabilitation. Atlanta solicitation attorney Schnipper has successfully challenged numerous charges of prostitution and prostitution-related crimes. He protects your rights and minimizes your exposure to life-altering changes that destroy your name and reputation. Call 404-545-5845 for a free consultation or contact us online.

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