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Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Nearly 40,000 people die in car accidents on United States roadways each year. Another 2.35 million are injured or permanently disabled. These accidents are often caused by reckless, careless, or negligent drivers – and remain a leading cause of death. When passengers are injured in dangerous automobile accidents, a car accident attorney is contacted to represent them in a personal injury case.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an automobile accident, it’s essential to contact an experienced Atlanta passenger injury attorney as soon as possible. Your passenger injury attorney will speak to witnesses, develop your case, and answer your questions – giving you the time and energy you need to focus on your recovery.

A personal injury lawsuit will seek compensation for your injuries. This compensation may cover past and future medical bills, lost wages, funeral expenses, lost earning capacity, and permanent care.

At Schnipper Law, our team has years of experience in personal injury lawsuits. We are devoted to your health and well-being, as well as getting you the compensation you rightfully deserve. Call our office at 404-545-5845 to learn more.


Common Injuries

While injuries incurred during automobile accidents vary based on age, previous medical history, and the severity of the accident, common injuries include:

  • General Injuries – Broken bones, severe bruises, and ligament damage.
  • Spinal Cord Injuries – When the spinal cord is partially or completely severed, often leaving the victim paraplegic or quadriplegic.
  • Head Injuries – When the skull is fractured, vision is damaged, or hearing is lost.
  • Concussions and Contusions – When a hard object strikes the head and causes internal bleeding. These injuries can range from mild to severe in nature.
  • Chest Injuries – When blunt force trauma breaks ribs, collapses lungs, or leads to cardiac arrest.
  • Whiplash – When the head or neck is “whipped” around, causing ligament and muscle damage.
  • Internal Organ Damage – When blunt force trauma damages organs. This requires immediate medical attention.
When these types of situations arise, contact an Atlanta Passenger Injury lawyer at Schnipper Law, P.C. We will fight for your rights. Call us today 404-545-5845 for a FREE Consultation.

Causes of Automobile Accidents

There are many, many reasons why automobile accidents happen on a regular basis in the United States. Crashes can be blamed on poor roadway conditions, inclement weather, and unclear signage. However, the majority of car accidents are preventable. These accidents are caused by drivers who are guilty of:

Atlanta Passenger Injury Attorney

When careless or reckless drivers injure innocent passengers on the roadway, they can (and should) be held accountable for their actions. A car accident attorney will assist in making this possible.

Following an Accident

As a passenger, there are several things you should do following a dangerous car accident.

  • Step 1: Carefully remove yourself from the vehicle and the roadway to avoid further injury. If you are unable to extricate yourself, remain calm and wait for first responders to arrive. You should never move if you have a neck or back injury.
  • Step 2: Tend to other victims, including those from other vehicles. Get immediate medical attention for those with serious or debilitating injuries. At this time, you should contact emergency responders and police officers.
  • Step 3: Collect the names and badge numbers of responding officers.
  • Step 4: Take photographs of the accident, yourself, and the scene. These images can bring your experience to life in a courtroom, allowing jurors to see firsthand what you survived.
  • Step 5: Obtain copies of all medical bills and records. Write down the names and phone numbers of all medical professionals you encounter. Keep a detailed list of the medications you receive. Once handed to your car accident attorney, this information can help determine how much compensation you should seek in a personal injury lawsuit.
  • Step 6: Never accept a settlement offer before speaking to an attorney, no matter how reasonable it seems. You may bar the door to future litigation.

Throughout your recovery, consider keeping a journal of your thoughts and feelings. Should you choose to request compensation for pain and suffering, this journal will serve as proof of your ongoing distress.

Contact an Experienced Car Accident Attorney for Assistance

In the state of Georgia, you have two years to file a personal injury lawsuit. Once this deadline has passed, you can never receive compensation for your injuries. For this reason, speaking with a car accident attorney is essential.

No one anticipates being injured in an automobile accident. If you or a loved one has suffered from injuries sustained in a crash, contact an experienced car accident attorney at Schnipper Law by calling 404-545-5845. Our team will speak to witnesses, collect police reports, and fight for the compensation you deserve.

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