A single DUI charge is a huge financial undertaking. There are the hard costs, including bail and court fines, as well as other associated fees like towing your car, hiring a lawyer, and payments to the DMV to have your license restored.  And then there are all of the hidden costs, like lost wages due to incarceration and the inability to maintain your prior lifestyle since you may not be able to drive.

But the pain doesn’t stop here, since there are additional costs that also have to be factored in to the overall bill you’ll be on the hook for.True Costs of a DUI in the State of Georgia

Sky High Insurance

After a DUI, your existing car insurance carrier may decide to drop you all together. And if they don’t, you can expect your car insurance rates to skyrocket for a minimum of 3 years following the charge.  On average, car insurance rates increase by almost 64% after a DUI.  So, if you’re paying $100 a month now, expect to pay roughly $164 per month in the not-so-distant future.  That’s an extra $768 per year.

Ignition Interlock Installation and Monthly Calibrations

Depending on the specifics surrounding your arrest, as well as whether you’ve had any previous DUI’s, you may be required to have an ignition interlock installed to restore your driving privileges.  Installation costs alone range anywhere between $70 and $150. And from there, you can then tack on a monthly calibration charge, which is anywhere between $60 and $90.  Even on the low end, this is still another $800 per year you’ll be on the hook for.

The Role of the Atlanta DUI Attorney

When it’s all said and done, a DUI can cost up to $10,000.  Sometimes it can seem like there’s no way to deal with the avalanche of financial pressure that follows a DUI, and many people who face this charge feel like there’s no solution.

A Georgia DUI attorney can help. They can help ensure that you are not unjustly prosecuted or selectively punished by either the police or the courts, simply because you were in the wrong place at the wrong time. While DUI lawyers understand the dangers of drunk driving and the need to enforce traffic laws, at the same time, they can also act as your advocate and help you navigate through the complex and potentially costly legal process.

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