When Do the Police Have to Read Me My Rights in Georgia?2019-03-12T10:34:42+00:00

When Do the Police Have to Read Me My Rights in Georgia?

Video Transcription:

The police must read you your rights, called Miranda Rights, in Georgia, if they are questioning you and you’re detained. Detained could mean being that you’re in handcuffs, or you’re not free to leave. If they’re going to interrogate you, again when you’re detained and you’re not free to leave, they must read you your Miranda Rights.

If they don’t read you your Miranda Rights, and they do question and interrogate you, it’s possible that any statements you make could be suppressed and thrown out of court. It’s not exactly how people see it on TV all the time where their Miranda Rights must be read. It only must be read when you’re detained and they’re questioning you, and they’re wanting to use that statement in court, as evidence.